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"The greatest advance in accuracy since 

the invention of brass cartridges."

Make Every Shot Count


Harmonically Tuned Ammunition

Once the province only of hand-loaders and custom makers, Ranger Scientific is proud to introduce off-the-shelf ammunition that's more than twice the accuracy of "Match Grade"  - at a fraction of the cost.

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Side by side - Ranger vs a leading brand at 100 yards.

Proven Performance - with ANY rifle

Proven by one of the top ballistics laboratories in the USA : 2 to 10 times more accurate than any other off-the-shelf brand. Ranger's harmonically-tuned rifle ammunition is without peer.

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Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to put a bullet exactly where you want it. Ranger's advanced technology rifle ammunition is the most significant advance in accuracy since the invention of brass cartridges.

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Civic Responsibility

Our years of sustained support of regional, and national initiatives to support US Veterans, and to improve educational and economic opportunities tells you who and what we are. 

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