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Customer Satisfaction

“Without joy, a brand is nothing but a burn on a cow's rump."


For consumers today, retail ammunition is like a table full of nearly indistinguishable apples. All of the apples are nearly exactly the same. They’re literally average; with little difference between them. Each weigh and taste just about the same as any other. 


Just Imagine.

You're at grocery store staring at a table of apples. Again.

Suddenly your attention is drawn to a golden-orange sphere in the center of the table. Could it be a Peach? It doesn’t weigh more than any apple, but it’s always been almost ten times the price of any apple, and you've never seen one before at any grocery. Could it be a mistake? Can you really buy a big delicious peach for the price of just an apple? The grocer explains that if it’s on the table, you can buy it and it won’t cost any more than one of those boring apples.… 

Now you have a decision to make. Are you going to buy that peach and greedily run home to savor the flavor of this once in a lifetime windfall; or are you going to grab that peach and sink your teeth into it right there in the isle , letting the juices run down your chin like a giddy kid, happily slurping your incredible find?

The grocer, feeling your joyful glee, puts a box of twenty more peaches on the table, knowing you, all of your friends, and all of their friends, will be back.


That’s the feeling that consumers have, finding in that wonderful incredible joyful moment, that they can buy Ranger Harmonically Tuned Ammunition for the price of one of those old run-of-the-mill average cartridges. They can put their bullet right where they want it - through the same hole from a hundred yards away.

That’s where brand loyalty comes from. It flows from that magical experience individuals realize when first they recognize they are holding in their hands true… GREATNESS! 

Our brand belongs to them now. They own it. They’re personally involved. They sing our praises, and insist their family, friends, business associates, and even perfect strangers buy Ranger. 

Is it just to share their happiness? Is it to be a valued discoverer? We may never know... 

Ranger's customers get the joy of genuine satisfaction -  that's what our brands are all about.