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Key Information

Ranger Scientific LLC, a private West Virginia Limited Liability Company, owns exclusive license to patented advanced manufacturing technology to mass-produce rifle ammunition of any caliber that’s proven to be from twice to more than 10 times more accurate than any other mass-produced rifle ammunition. The cost of manufacture of Ranger’s proven superior ammunition technology is competitive to commodity ammunition. Ranger also has exclusive license to a patent protecting the only practical means of retail and military distribution of its advanced technology ammunition: Proof Kits. This combination of intellectual properties creates formidable barriers to competition.

  • The US consumer market in rifle ammunition, as of 2026, is expected to exceed $3.7 Billion.

  • Independent test results prove Ranger rifle ammunition is more than twice the accuracy (2 to 10 times) of mass-produced rifle ammunition. Testing also proves that the effective range of  military as well as consumer ammunition is more than doubled.

  • Ranger products will be available off-the-shelf at prices competitive to commodity brands – a small fraction of the cost of some mass-produced “match grade” ammunition. 

  • Letters of intent demonstrate an initial distribution footprint of more than half of all brick & mortar retail outlets in North America.