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Harmonically Tuned Ammunition

The most skilled sportsmen and military riflemen throughout the world understand the necessity to match ammunition specifically optimized for their particular firearms. Different rifles, even of the same make and model, require specific powder loads to reduce the amplitude of vibrations of a particular rifle’s barrel muzzle.  For decades, shooting enthusiasts have loaded their own ammunition, and have been able to significantly improve accuracy of their particular individual rifles. Until now, such ammunition could only be hand-made at prohibitive cost. 


Since 1956, a workshop at the US Army's Fort Benning has produced such special use hand-made ammunition. Because such ammunition is costly, access to such ammunition is highly restricted. Ranger exclusively has the patented technology to make such high-accuracy ammunition at low cost, in high-volume, and we will sell our brands off-the-shelf at retail stores and online.

Ranger will market a range of reasonably priced brands that are each more than twice the accuracy of even the most expensive mass-produced competitor. Ranger will transform the worldwide market in small arms ammunition and dominate the market in a way not seen since brass cartridges replaced muzzle-loaded musket-balls.

Brand messaging will be conveyed in online and print display advertising, sponsorships, on YouTube, featured in television shows, in editorial content, and at shooting events. We will capture the imagination of the general public and build brand affinity though mass merchant, elite retail, and online distribution channels.