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Otto W. Weigl, Colonel USMC, Ret.; 

EVP Remington Arms, Ret.

“Ranger may well quickly become the most popular brand in the consumer market as well as law enforcement and specialized military units.”

“It’s not unreasonable to expect that Ranger brands are likely to displace more than 25% of the US market by dollar volume, or that Ranger brands may eventually become the leading consumer ammunition products worldwide.”

“Ranger Scientific’s… infusion of new and revolutionary technology, will strike fear in the hearts of their competitors, and is likely to result with rapid acceptance, brand loyalty, and deep profit margins.”

General LeRoy Sisco, Ret.

Commander of Texas National Guard, Ret.

Chairman, Military Warriors Support Foundation

“Ranger Scientific’s plan to build a manufacturing plant to produce ammunition using the tried and true method of matching ammunition power loads to individual rifles will certainly very substantially improve the accuracy of off-the-self ammunition."

“What Ranger has done is... produce a revolutionary new industrial process to mass-produce ammunition so that their products can be sold at retail at prices competitive to generic rifle ammunition. There has never before been a way to make this kind of ammunition available at retail, but by improving accuracy in this way, I have no doubt that they will eclipse all other brands. I predict that Ranger will forever change the landscape of the small arms ammunition market.”

Joseph S. Adams, Commander

Project Bluelight

Joseph S. Adams Jr., a retired US marine with three decades of work as a contract operative for various government agencies including the FBI, DEA, and various US intelligence agencies including the CIA, as well as foreign militaries friendly to the United States. 

"Years ago, the first time I ever tried using harmonically-tuned ammunition, it was for target practice at one thousand yards. The increase in accuracy was undeniable. The accuracy of my 7mm Remington was increased from a spread the size of a refrigerator, to within three inches. Today I use custom-made ammunition at a cost of $22.50 per round, and I can tell you that, for me, there's no option. There's just no other way to put a bullet exactly where I need it to go. I've used tuned ammunition ever since."

"It may seem simple, but I can tell you that when Ranger starts making their rifle ammo, short and long range, at a cost similar to generic off-the-shelf "match grade," no one in their right mind will buy anything else."

"I wholeheartedly endorse Ranger Scientific. They've got the right stuff, and the experience to make it happen."

Terrance McGinnis, FBI Special Agent, SWAT Team Coordinator, Firearms Instructor, Ret.

NRA Firearms Instructor, President/Instructor MO-TAC Systems SWAT Training

Mr. Terrence M. McGinnis, FBI Special Agent, Retired, Former SWAT Team Commander and Operator, and Former FBI Firearms Instructor, is now a leading NRA Instructor and the President of MO-TAC Systems. 

“The technique is known and used the world over by law enforcement, military special operations, sharpshooters, hobbyists and enthusiasts and there’s no doubt at all that it can more than double the accuracy of any rifle, no matter how cheap or expensive. Harmonically Tuned” ammunition is used to improve the accuracy of rifles used in international competitions, including the Olympics, and by every kind of civilian, law enforcement, and military rifle marksmen. There’s one very important draw back. Because until now such ammunition had to be made by hand, either by the shooter him or herself, or custom ordered, it’s been very expensive, and it’s never been offered for sale at any store.” 

“What makes Ranger’s patented technology so powerful, unique, and really very exciting, is that Ranger has developed a way to mass-produce this “tuned” ammunition at prices that will be competitive with commodity ammunition, yet far more accurate than even the most expense mass-produced “match grade” cartridges.”

“I think Ranger Scientific is onto something big. Just like the Army Rangers motto, “Rangers Lead the Way”, Ranger Scientific will lead the way in producing harmonically manufactured ammunition needed to deliver the best accuracy at short range or long range, and in different environments.”

Mark Gdak, President

Founder and President of Trigger Wholesale, Canada's largest ammunition distributor.

“I am familiar with the technique of tuning cartridge loads to significantly increase the accuracy of fired rounds. While price and accuracy can determine what products consumers buy, TWI has spent years displacing primary brands with newer companies that have a story to tell. Our customers now look to us for this same innovation on a yearly basis as we work with them to fill their stores. While brands can be important, Ranger's plan to automate the process of manufacturing tuned loads is brilliant, and I have no doubt that… such differentiation will transform the market.”

Robert W. Hart, Owner

R.W. Hart & Sons, Inc.

Mr. Hart is a 5-time Jr. Bench Rest Champion; the 1986 300YD Heavy Varmint Champion; the year 2000 1000YD World Open Light Gun Champion; and he holds the 2001 IBS 1000YD International Championship High Score. He has been featured by several television sport shooting programs including Sportsman of North America, Northwood Adventures, Driven TV, Bass Pro Outdoor World, Bullseye Adventures, and Southern Woods Adventures.

“Accuracy is fundamental to all shooting sports, as well as to Law Enforcement and the Military. I can tell you from my long history in the shooting industry and personal experience that tuning rifles with ammunition especially made to match an individual rifle’s harmonics substantially improves accuracy.”

Steve Young

Managing Member of Executive Armament

Steve Young, is an industry opinion leader, a former associate of Chris Kyle before his untimely death, and the former Chief Executive Officer of Craft International LLC, the company founded by Chris Kyle and Mark Spicer in 2009 to provide advanced tactical security, defense, and combat weapons training services for military, police, and civilian protective service clients in the United States and internationally. 

“When Ranger's product is available at retail, there's no doubt at all that it will change everything.”

“To those of us that shoot, teach and train… from 100 yards to distances beyond 1,000 yards, harmonically tuned ammunition is not just a desire, it's a necessity.”